Maria Bohm


As a graduate from MLP, a studio and sound production education, Maria Bohm resides in Skara with her music production company Bloody Mary Music.

Born in 1984 née Maria Johnsen, the name was changed to Bohm in 2002 in honour of her maternal grandfather, who taught her music, how to read and write and play chess like the best of them at 4 yrs old.

During the two years of the MLP education, Maria - apart from learning a lot about production from her teachers and peers - realized she needed her own company if she wanted to be allowed to make music her own way. So in 2008 Bloody Mary Music saw the light of day. Working with only women on the video "Black Bride", both director and extras, the song itself being a feminist anthem, Maria felt very comfortable and an idea formed. She spent the following two years aquiring all the equipment the company needed, and at the end of 2009 made a New Years resolution to get her first album out in 2010. Made by women only. The music world, she thought, was far too dominated by men, when there were equally talented women out there not daring to put their foot forward. For that reason, Maria's search for the right people took a long time. She kept her promise with a two week margin. The all-female album Bloody Mary was released on the 17th of December 2010, and even the mastering and printing was made by women. On the album you can hear the haunting voices of Sol Vikström and Skövde singer/songwriter Malin Andersson, as well as violin, cello and viola from folk music player Kristin Svensson, and trumpet from Dansbandskampen winner Elisa Lindström.

Today Maria is currently working on a fifth album, and has played West Pride Gothenburg every year since 2011.

Of course, you can always hear it's a Maria Bohm original, as Maria has learned to embrace the fact that she's different and always will be. Having a unique voice and a unique style she wants you to re-discover music and your love for it, a love hopefully life-long like her own.